The laboratory is accredited according to BDS EN ISO 17025: 2006 with scope of accreditation sampling and testing of transformer oils according to the following tests:

Density at 20ºC (g / mL)
Breakdown voltage (kV)
Water content (mg H2O / kg oil)
Flash point (ºC)
Acid Number (mg KOH / g oil)
The presence of water-soluble acids and bases
Water-soluble acids and bases detection
Dielectric Dissipation Factor at 90 °C (tanδ)
Resistivity (GΩ.m)

Tests are also available on many other parameters (see groups below) but in ICLab laboratories in Elefsina Attica (Greece). We are currently working on expanding the scope of our Accreditation and the introduction of new methods in Sofia’s laboratory as well on the upgrading of the quality assurance system into the ISO 17025: 2017 edition.

Indicative groups of Tests per Matrix below: