"IC LAB BG" Ltd. is the successor of the Chemical Laboratory of “Centralna energoremontna baza” EAD (CERB), created to satisfy the needs of the company related to the incoming and outgoing analysis of transformer oils during the repair activities of the company. The laboratory is being separated as a separately company with its new name, IC LAB BG, in 2018, maintaining its close relationship with CERB EAD, as well as its premises and staff on the territory of the company.


The mission of the laboratory is to offer extensive analyzes related to preventive maintenance of transformers of industrial customers, power plants, objects from the national electricity distribution network and thanks to the results of the analyzes and comments from its qualified personnel to provide valuable information of the state of the transformers. This saves maintenance costs due to depreciation of the equipment, increases safety and also prevents unexpected stops. Routine analyzes are mandatory for this type of equipment usually also required by insurers, which reduces insurance costs. On their base, proper maintenance decisions can be made.